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Guangdong def ntsaws ruaj ruaj Solutions Co., Ltd. twb pom nyob rau hauv 2004, uas  is a technology enterprise with R&D, production and sales department, manufactures a wide range of hydraulic seals, PTFE products applied to harsh conditions, special custom  PU and rubber seals.


R & D Muaj rab peev xwm Nrog ib tug ua hauj lwm ntawm 18 engineers, cuaj uas kub siab rau R & D, peb tau txais 18 lub teb chaws tsim muaj patents.


Qhuav muaj rab peev xwm def tswv ob caag nroj tsuag mus txog rau 10,000 square meters txhua, nyob rau hauv uas qhov kub / av noo PTFE cob qhia yog teeb. Peb khoom siv xws li mas ntsug / kab rov tav CNC tshuab, 2000T roj pressers, computer tshuaj sintering cub tawg, PU casting tshuab, roj hmab nws tshuab, Vulcanizing tshuab, thiab lwm yam peb ua kev cai PTFE / PU / roj hmab ntsaws ruaj ruaj nrog loj ntawm 1 hli rau 1500 hli.

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  • High-performance Metal Spring Energized PTFE Seals

    DEF has been available with various PEEK seals since before 2015. The most famous of these is a Spring seal made of PEEK. But do you really know anything about PEEK?  Today let’s take a look at this mysterious material PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) is one of the slowest developing and expen...

  • DEF R&D team has completed the development of high-performance passivity yaw brake pad and is about to be released…

    DEF Seals have a technical team of 17 personnel, after two years of hard research and development, they finally found the most reasonable distribution of raw materials so far, that’s why we can see the high-performance passivity yaw brake pad now. passivity yaw brake pad belongs to friction mater...

  • What is V-Packing? DEF Seals will let you know… (2nd chapter)

    In the last article we talked about what V-packing is and some of its features and applications. As we said before, V-shaped seal ring is a shaped packing seal, the cross section of v-shaped lip seal ring. It has small working resistance, smooth operation, high pressure resistance, vibration resi...

  • More wear resistance, longer service life—PTFE filled with 60%Bronze

    After more than 2 years of exploration, DEF Seals developed more wear resistance, longer service life Seals with material PTFE filled with 60% Bronze. This seal looks brighter than the traditional PTFE Bronze seals because it is filled with more bronze powder, so it looks golden. As we all know, ...