What is V-Packing? DEF Seals will let you know… (2nd chapter)

In the last article we talked about what V-packing is and some of its features and applications. As we said before, V-shaped seal ring is a shaped packing seal, the cross section of v-shaped lip seal ring. It has small working resistance, smooth operation, high pressure resistance, vibration resistance and impact resistance, can meet the characteristics of different media and use conditions, can be multiple overlapping use, and by adjusting the compression force to obtain the best sealing effect. But its friction resistance is big, the structure is complex, needs to match the pressure ring and the support ring, the sealing performance is not stable.It is suitable for reciprocating movement of the piston or piston rod for dynamic sealing, but also can be partly used for rotation, rotary or static sealing parts.

Today let’s take a look at its structure and materials

As mentioned above, the V packing is generally composed of three parts, the middle V rings, and the upper and lower support rings and compression rings. V-rings can be 3 pieces、5 pieces、7 pieces etc…as you request. Generally speaking, V packing usually uses PU, PA and POM as raw materials to make rings, while nowadays, many customers require NBR fabric as well. For different working conditions, we should use different materials, which depends on the working conditions of V-packing such as temperature, pressure, speed, medium and contact surface, etc…

AMIGOS, remember last time we talked about the characteristics of V-packing?

Let’s take a look back today

Why are V-shaped sealing rings used in mechanical parts?

V-ring seals are very widely used in the lip seal is a long history of a kind. Compared with other lip seals, the main features of V-ring seals are as follows:

1) Several applications can be stacked according to the application of pressure. The sealing function improves with the number of stacks added, but it should be noted that the connection is not linear; At the same time the frictional resistance increases.

2) Strong ability to follow the pain load and movement of piston or piston rod, excellent leak-proof effect.

3) If leakage occurs due to deformation or wear of sealing ring during operation, it can be adjusted by its pressing mechanism and pressed again, so it can be used for a long time with reliable sealing and long life.

4) Can cut the device, device and maintenance convenient, suitable for difficult place to replace the seal ring.

5) It can be used for rolling at low pressure (5MPa) and low speed (3m/min).

6) There is no need to prevent extrusion under high pressure.

7) Great friction resistance, difficult adjustment and large device space.

The name of The V-shaped seal ring is the same as the O-shaped seal ring, because its cross section is like the V-shaped so named, v-shaped seal ring belongs to a kind of lip seal ring.

V-shaped sealing ring is generally composed of three parts: support ring, sealing ring, pressure ring. A standard V-ring seal has an Angle of 90, and in some workplaces has an Angle of 60. Supporting ring is an important part of supporting V-shaped sealing ring, its section is thick and strong, precise size, concave Angle and V-shaped sealing ring the same (90°) or slightly larger, so that the sealing ring placed stable.

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