POM Tube

Short Description:

Polyformaldehyde or POM is a hard and dense material with a smooth and shiny surface, yellowish or white, and the thin-walled part is translucent.
The combustion characteristic is easy to burn, and it will continue to burn after leaving the fire. The upper end of the flame is yellow, while the lower end is blue. Melting drips, with strong excitant smell of formaldehyde and fishy smell.

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POMstrength, high stiffness, good elasticity, good wear resistance.

Its mechanical properties are excellent, with specific strength up to 50.5mpa and specific stiffness up to 2650MPa, which is very close to metal.

The mechanical properties of POM vary little with temperature, and the variation of copolymerized POM is slightly larger than that of homopolymer POM.

POM has higher impact strength, but conventional impact is inferior to ABS and PC.

POM is sensitive to gaps, which can reduce impact strength by as much as 90%.

The fatigue strength of POM is very prominent. After 10 alternating loads, the fatigue strength can reach 35MPa, while that of PA and PC is only 28MPa.

Quality Assurance
DEF Seals manufacture high-quality back-UPS to meet harsh sealing environment. Our seals are one of the best choice of spare parts of Hitachi, Kobelco, Kamastu, Hyundai, Caterpillar.
Please check the catalog for detail.

Material Range
Virgin PTFE, POM,PA, PTFE+carbon, PTFE+glass, PTFE+graphite,  etc.

Color Range
Brown, Green, White, Black, Blue, etc.

Special Service
This seal can be provided with slash cut or no cut.

DEF Seals Solutions operates a state of the art manufacturing facility, including 10,000sq.meters workshop,
1000 sq. meters stable temperature/humidity PTFE Workshop.

How to order from us?  
1 Contact DEF's salesman to get a quotation.( by Email, Telephone, Trademessage)
2 Send DEF your asked type and detailed instruction(mateials, size, quantity,color, special requestes etc.)
3 Will send price and other details informations to you,send back Purchaser Order for approval
4 After confirm order and timeline, DEF'll start production procedure once receive payment.
5 If require sample, please inform DEF in advance.
6 5~10 working days for making seals.
7 Quality Checking, DEF can send bulk order photo for approval before packing, if you need.
8 Packing
9 Order release for shipping.
10 Any issue,please contact DEF after receive package. DEF'll invest and consult with you for solution.
Quality and Service are  DEF principle.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more details about our factory and products.

FOB FOB Shenzhen
Method of payment T/T (bank account, paypal, western union)
Delivery time 5 to 7 working days, 2 days for in stock
Supply ability 5000000Pcs/Month
Packaging plastic film for inner packaging and cartons for outer packaging
Export market South Asia, Southest Asia, Europe, South America, North America,  Africa, Middle East, Australia

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